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August on the Yellowstone.


Note the Eagle's nest, the Blue Herron and of course the deer, along the river bank.

And, Nicolas! Thanks Missy, we love the art work.

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Our annual trip to Illinois!

The new pond design at Craig (Kurt's brother) & Donna's. Note the Dragon Fly sitting on the rocks.

On the trails by Craig & Donna's house with the 4 Wheelers.  Through the dense brush and trees, along the pond (where we saw white tail deer and Cranes), by the waterfall and through the fields of blooming Queen Anne's Lace teeming with hundreds of butterflies.

Craig got stuck so Kurt fired up and pulled him out.

This was once a waterfall, but the rocks have shifted and the river diverted.

A tree across the path so Kurt and Craig cleared the trail.

Exploring the abandoned cave.

Making it across the bridge that was just about all washed out, was quite an experience!

We were not sure what those BIG tracks were in the mud, but the ride was fun!

It was great to see the kids Kristen, Madison and meet grandbaby #14 Nicolas.


Happy Grampy!

And, Yes, brunch at Starved Rock!

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Class II rapids as we floated the Stillwater River! July 17, 2004

A fisherman with his best friend - a black lab!

Fly fishermen in the water!

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July 4th Weekend Camping in Paradise Valley

The KOA Camp

The Yellowstone River - very high!

The Eagle overhead.

The Eagle's Nest.

Canadian Geese alone the shore.

The beauty in Paradise Valley.

The dangerous bridge in Livingston MT.  We did not go here!

The Birthday Girl!

Camping is done, and it was good fun and good company!

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