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Our Bird Family

Feeding time with Mommie!


The teenagers are loose!


The Rose Garden


Gary and Sue came to visit on their vacation. We did some Billings site-seeing!

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Sunday fun... drive through Livingston, up the Gallatin Canyon .... some fishing and then to Quake Lake!

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Mark's (7) Birthday

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Cody Graduated from 8th Grade!

Shala, Doug and Paige helped Cody celebrate his Graduation.

and then off to Mexico - Iberostar Paraiso Maya, Riviera Maya

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We planted a garden!

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Mickey and Maude are back!


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YEAH!! Rafting!  We floated from Big Timber down to Reedpoint on the Yellowstone River.

The Pelicans were so cool!  Largest grouping we had ever seen on the river!  We got really close then they started to swim away then eventually fly overhead.
We went past the nesting area with may different kinds of birds there, really amazing!

Even though it was still April the May flies were out!  They are' like mosquitoes, except that don't sting and they are like flies that very seldom land on you!  They really are neat!  The last two pictures were suppose to be of the airplane, but we went through a fresh hatch of may flies so they became the star of that photo!  Most of the trip we only say a few.

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Texas Soccer - Paige looks like a pro!


Spring Storm



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Easter in Texas


March in Montana



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Get well Grampy!     and, Yes we love the new High Definition PLASMA!

1/25/2007 Kurt is resting with Mr. Pugsley, David's new puppy!

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Caton's Birthday and Trinitee's Surprise

Trinitee looks so pretty in her new glasses!
...and her DAD turned 30!

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Greg celebrated his 60th birthday ... we stayed at the Log Cabin in Paradise Valley - on the Yellowstone River, just outside of Livingston, on the way to Yellowstone National Park!  Dinner was at the Livery Saloon in Emigrant!

The moon was full and gorgeous, with a huge ice ring around it... sorry it did not show better in the picture!

Greg had fun with all his presents, while Linda was busy figuring out where to put them when they get home ... chuckle!

Greg and Kurt did not take the fishing poles, and were surprised to see the river was open enough to fish.  We even saw some fishermen!  Kurt is still working on his hand since his surgery in December.

Found another version of rules for Mexican Train!  Boy did I get a hand full of 'box cars' and a huge score to match!

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