A visit to Harlowton MT with Abe & Ida Wipf of Spring Water Colony

These show the Church, eating area, some preserved vegetables and chickens in the walk-in freezes.

Here they make their own soap and have wonderful laundry facilities.
It was harvest time so much of the machinery was busy.
Each family has their won freezer compartment.

Abe is head of the Poultry production.  Thousands of eggs produced daily from over 12,000 chickens.

Rows of Condo-Type structures are the residence.
Over 8,000 pristine acres of wheat and other crops.
There is a 4 acre garden.
The children attend school at the Colony.

Here is the Trout pond stocked with over 3,000 huge trout.

Abe is an excellent fisherman and really enjoys the pond.  This pond was Abe's idea
and was added to the Colony to serve as a reservoir and fishing area.

This time of year the bait of choice was grasshoppers so Kurt and Abe caught a few of them in the fields by the pond.

These HUGE fish measured in at over 20".

It was a good day!


We cooked some of the fish on the grill and smoked some others that we had caught on the Yellowstone.
The trout on the grill are from Abe's pond!

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