In Galveston with Philip and Helen
see Helen's nephew Vito and one of Kurt's daughters, Laura.

Leah Michelle married Joseph Key 5/8/2004

Tourist Time!
Lunch on the Ocean!

Walking on the Sea Wall!
The Sea Wall was built after The Great Storm of 1900.

On the other side of the Island we toured many shops and sites, including the Elissa.
The work of Galveston Historical Society has earned the foundation recognition by prominent state and national organizations. Among the efforts that earned recognition are the redevelopment of Galveston’s 19th Century commercial district known as “The Strand”; the rescue and restoration of the 1877 iron barque ELISSA; the development of historic residential areas in the city.

Visiting The Galveston Beach Patrol at Stewart Beach.  It was great to meet Jodi and see the Beach Patrol's Emergency 911 software (developed by Kurt) in action.

The end of the Sea Wall.

A unique section of the beach that you can drive along for miles.

The extensive Houston highway system and of course a rain storm!

And, a wonderful cookout with The Keys'.

It was a wonderful trip!  We were happy to be there.

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