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Summer Turns to Fall and fishing on the Yellowstone River is great!

A favorite picture take as the late afternoon shadows came across the water.



Kurt's catch on the Yellowstone River

The large trout measured 18 1/2" and the smaller one measured 15 1/2"
...WOW, it was exciting!


Greg had a good day!

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Fall Fun and Fall Work!

Rainbow Trout caught by Kurt and Greg

16" 2# (left)

and 19" 3# (rt)

Great catch was on the Clark's Fork River near Belfry, MT

Ready for the grill!


Stream and Steak!

Fall repairs to the raft.

It needed a new seal on the bottom.


A fabulous late October sunrise.

The weather continues to be in the mid 80's so we had to test the raft and make sure all the repairs were successful.  They were!

A wonderful float and the Yellowstone River had gained some water with the early snows in the mountains melting.  Our trip took us from Pelican to Braten.  This time we saw a Whitetail Deer along the river's edge.

and now some hunting....


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