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so much fun... on top of the world...

Beartooth Mountains2top.jpg (66398 bytes)Actually seeing The Top of the World was great fun.  Cloudy day but the Beartooth Mountains in the background are wonderful - more Beartooth Mountain pictures seen above and on the right.

one of our favorite pictures


Summer rafting trip '98... pictures
rafting98_2.jpg (19282 bytes)  Stillwater River rafting fun Stillwater River rafting fun back


Fall of '98
mtfall1.jpg (25460 bytes) mtfall2.jpg (30744 bytes) mtfall5.jpg (29472 bytes) back


Winter of 98/99 in Montana - picture perfect!  We did not have lots of snow, but what we did have was beautiful - see more winter pictures.

2snow.jpg (60385 bytes) Snow Snow Snow  Snow back


more Yellowstone Park pictures

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park THE TOURIST at  Yellowstone National Park buffalo at Yellowstone National Park

Black Dragon's Cauldron at Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park above Tower Falls at Yellowstone National Park Upper Yellowstone Falls Lower Yellowstone Falls

4yp.jpg (73996 bytes) Morning Glory Pool Old Faithful Yellowstone National Park back


Forth of July weekend '99, fun fishing with the grandkids.  We had a wonderful - fun filled weekend!   Too bad it can't be vacation at least once a month!!! See our fishing pictures.
fish1.jpg (90216 bytes)
15-fish2.jpg (46731 bytes) 16-fish3.jpg (51620 bytes) back


Everyone loves a party especially when it's your second birthday.  
David's  birthday was August 6, '99.  He loved the trike!  See
more of the party.
2david5web.jpg (66212 bytes)  17-2david2web.jpg (79452 bytes) 2david8web.jpg (61390 bytes) back