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I wanted to share with you some of the beauty of Montana and some of the things that I have seen and Photo Album enjoyed!

 Billings, MontanaOn the right is the view of the city of Billings, as you stand on top of the Rims you can overlook the entire Yellowstone Valley and it is a beautiful sight. The Yellowstone River runs by the edge of town along the South Hills.  

wildflowers on the Yellowstone RiverAs you look west about ninety miles you will see the Beartooth Mountains in all their glory.  The elevation of these mountains exceeds over 9000'.  The town of Red Lodge sits at the foot of this mountain range and it is a favorite spot of ours.  horseback riding in MontanaJust a short drive and you feel as if you have gone to another place in time, where you can see the sky for miles on end, and hence the state's nickname "The Big Sky Country".  To find out more about Montana you can visit the Montana State Website or the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Website, they are both great.

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 MOM's 80th Birthday!
 Santa's early Visit!

  Rafting on the lower Yellowstone near Huntley
 Pontoon on the Big Horn - great day
CAMERA in for repairs   

 Rafting - The Four Wave .... dunked us and the camera!
 Soroptimist Young Artists' Event
 Tristian is growin' like a weed!
 Leah's Montana Get Away!
  The Turkey Hunt
  Tristian Skye Jae Habets
     Celebrates his first Birthday

  Duane and Loyola's Visit
  Soroptimist Awards Event
  Go Fly A Kite!
  Dinner with friends
"A Night of Wine and Roses"










Big Snow!
Trinitee's Birthday

  One More Rafting Trip!
  Early Snow!
  Rafting!   Rafting-
Eagles on the Yellowstone!   Rafting!
Great Great Grandma Rosie and Tristian
(this is a new format - an Adobe pdf slide show, just click to open and then click beside each picture (in the black) to advance.  It will keep repeating until you close it)
Family 2008
Randy's Birthday
Shala & Doug's Visit
    ::  BBQ, Beartooth Mountains & Pig Races
    ::  Rafting on the Stillwater River
    ::  B
ig Horn Canyon National Recreation Area
    ::  Just havin' some fun!
The Fishermen!
(this is a new format - an Adobe pdf slide show, just click to open and then click beside each picture (in the black) to advance.  It will keep repeating until you close it)
Leah & the Kids Visit
Soroptimists' Young Artists'
The climbing rose is AMAZING this year!
Maude brought her babies for a visit
  Tristian Skye Jae Habets 05/15/2008
Paige and Paige Ann
Trinitee played Soccer this year!
Planting and Playing
Mickey and Maude are back!!
Soroptimist Awards Event!
Lunar Eclipse 2-20-2008
  Kurt's Birthday!
"A Night of Wine and Roses"

Trinitee's Birthday!
Soroptimist Christmas Party
IL Vacation - FUN!!
The Fall Frog ... gotta' love it!
Mary & Mark came from MN for a fall visit
Smoker Party!
The last weekend of Summer!
Our Sunday drive ends up on the Rosebud!
SIB SUMMER Kabobs & Bocce Ball Party
Fires & Flowers & Butterflies
MOM & Ted came to visit!
Once more on the Yellowstone!
The Plane!
MAFE Summer Picnic at Sandra's
Paradise Valley and Daley Lake
     with a wonderful dinner at Johnny's Bistro
Mary's Birthday!
The Parade in Red Lodge
     - The Red Lodge Rodeo
  Soroptimist Young Artists'
     at Yellowstone Art Museum

14th of May, 2007 Elayna Anne Marie Powell
& Randy Habets were united in Marriage

with Reception at Nana and Grampy's
Laura & Brock came to visit
     - up to the Beartooth's
     - off to the Big Horn for a Pontoon ride
     - next to Natural Bridge
     - and, yes! rafting on the Yellowstone!
A North Dakota Visit
     - the Zoo, the Village & the Fort
Our Bird Family
The Rose Garden
Gary and Sue came to visit on their vacation.
Sunday Fun!
Mark's Birthday
Cody Graduated from 8th Grade
        & got a vacation in Mexico!
We planted a garden!
Randy & Elayna's Wedding
Mickey and Maude are back!
YEAH!! Rafting!
Texas Soccer - Paige looks like a pro!
Spring Storm

Easter in Texas
Elayna is 18!
March in Montana
Our 19th Annual Wine and Roses
Kurt is resting with Mr. Pugsley!
Caton's Birthday and Trinitee's Surprise
Happy New Year!  Greg is 60!
TX Christmas Fun
December Birthday's

Halloween Across the miles!
The Fall Fiesta - Fajita / Margarita Party
End of our Summer Fun in Paradise Valley
Summer Fun back on the Yellowstone
In the Mountains again
Summer Fun back on the Big Horn

Summer Fun @ Illinois
Summer Fun @ Lake of the Ozarks
Summer Fun @ Champions on Ice
Summer Fun @ Pompey's Pillar
Summer Fun @ Big Horn
Summer Fun @ The Pig Races
Summer Fun with Friends
Montana Tour with Kathy & Jerry
Eagle on the Yellowstone
May on The Yellowstone River
Soroptimist G&D Event

Mark & Mary and Mitch and Juli's visit
Western Awards (Dick & Peg Dare) new location!
Soroptimist of Billings Awards
Elayna's Birthday!
Venture Club Awards
A Night of Wine & Roses
Anne's Surprise Party












Christmas 2005
Trinitee is Four!
The 2005 Deer Hunt
  Happy Halloween

   Fall - 10/5/ SNOW!
Beartooth Highway Reopens
Fall - 9/9/ Wind Farm
Fall - 9/9/ Brunch
Fall - 9/3/ Rafting
 Hurricane Katrina
Luau at Joey & Gerry's
Mom & Ted's visit
Rafting with Dares & Gordons
Iris & summer scenes
 DanWalt Gardens with Soroptimist
Saturday rafting story ... & pictures
 Vacation 2005
 Laura's Visit to Montana
 Mary's Birthday
 The Beartooth Highway Mudslides
 Mother's Day!
 Venture Awards Ceremony
FF Speech Contest
Rafting with Zane & Lauren
 Fun at ZooMontana
& New Friends
 Pope John Paul II  1920 - 2005
Elayna's Birthday
Paige Ann Reed
     Birth-Day and Baptism

Kara's Birthday
February Fishing
 Celebrating Birthdays
Matthew 01/07 - Amanda 02/18 - David 02/28

A Night of Wine & Roses"
Christmas 2004


  Trinitee is Three Years Old!

  Happy Halloween
  Fall at 408 13th Street West
  Emily's Graduation picture
  Mandy's Birthday
On our way to WA
Soroptimist District 4 Meeting in Hamilton MT
Fall Fun and Fall Float!
Visiting our Friends Abe & Ida             x
              (sad to say - now private)

 August on the Yellowstone
 Our annual trip to Illinois!
DeNile Mary Gaida Kuefler    1962 -2004
Class II rapids as we floated the Stillwater River!
July 4th Weekend Camping in Paradise Valley
June Rafting: with Liz & Ted
Kara's first portfolio - she may be a model!
Rafting with Jake & Michaela
May in Montana
  > Deer in the yard!
   >The Iris & Climbing Rose
> Planted some new trees!
   > early May ... Went to check out the river
  Fajita /  Margarita Party 2004
  Houston / Galveston Island Vacation
  Leah Michelle married Joseph Key 5/8/2004

  04/27/04 - and we are ready for summer!
Spring is coming...
Amanda, David & Elayna's Birthday fun!
  Winter on the Yellowstone
Kara's Ninth Birthday, Katy TX
Wine and Roses 2004
Winter Fishing!
 Matthew's Birthday
Matthew - Two Years Old!
A Night of Wine and Roses
    The Set UpThe EventThe Friends

Spring Time in Montana
Elayna's Birthday
  And, Mary's Visit and Off to the Mountains
Lawn Clean-up

At The FairView cattle Ranch
Fun at the Yellowstone Art Museum
May 2-3, 2003 Butte, MT
 - Toastmasters Spring Conference

 Happy Mother's Day!
On the Road - Vacation 2003
Family & Friends - MN > Iowa > IL& back home via South Dakota and all the beauty and sights along the way!
The Wedding - Shala married Doug
David, from Maine, came for a visit
     and, Mary has another birthday!
Leah Michelle came to visit from TX
Soroptimist TEXAS style BBQ fundraiser
Rafting with friends, while the Hobble Fire burns.

Rafting again, with IL friends and the Hobble Fire still burns.
Rafting from Springdale towards Big Timber
Boating on Big Horn Lake
Our treck along the Yellowstone River took us to Emigrant, MT.
  Zachary's Happy Birthday!
  Mom & Ted on their Montana Vacation

     & an to expedition to Lewis & Clark Caverns
Summer turns to Fall

Fall Fun and Fall Work!
Temperatures in the mid 80's
Fung Shui Party!
Tawney's and Maggie's Birthday

Happy Birthday Trinitee!
Merry Christmas 2003 to all.

 Christmas 2002
Trinitee's First Birthday
Mandy's Birthday
The Fencing Project! 
The rock gathering Quest 
August on the Yellowstone
MOM & Ted came to visit- we had FUN!! 
and David's & Zach's Birthday Party!

Kurt and Mary's July Vacation, 2002
  The Tomatoes look Great! 
  Summer Fun! 

 Montana Spring & Summer 2002
tree roots can be fun!
  the trencher!
  new electrical
  stumps can be FUN!
  The Rose Garden

OH OH! Spring Snow Slow Down!!!
  Mother's Day - May 2002
The Garage gets attention!
  New Pets - Mickey and Maude
New Rug!
Hoppy Easter!
Elayna - 13th Birthday!
House Warming Party
Tree Removal





Biz Achievers
Happy First Birthday, Matthew
Merry Christmas Everyone
Paige Rachael Ford
Trinitee Jean Powell 
  408 13th Street West- December, 2001
Happy Halloween - Pumpkin Carving, with the drill!
Mandy's Baby Shower!
Sunny October in Montana

Vacation in Illinois
Lazy Days of Summer
Happy Birthday David Four Years Old!
Fajitas & Margaritas Party
Stickney's Salsa Garden
Summer company from Minnesota
Montana celebrates the Fourth of July for a week!


The Willie Fire of the Summer of 2000

Sharing a very special time in the mountains

Count the deer

Up Where God lives

Lake of the Ozarks, summer 2000

WOW! A very special Family Reunion!




David's trip to Montana
Fort Peck Lake fishing with Charlie Long
March, 2000 found us in Illinois
An early spring snow
Camping trip to Hell Roaring Plateau
David's  birthday was August 6, '99
Forth of July weekend '99


Fun on the Beartooth Highway

Winter of 98/99 in Montana

Summer rafting trip '98




Powell and Peterson Wedding
On Friday, the fourteenth day of January
two thousand
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Tawney Marie

were united in marriage.
Canyon Wedding Chapel
Red Lodge, Montana


4catman.jpg (29292 bytes)

Jones and Powell Wedding
A life of sharing, caring
A love of endless giving together
Amanda Jean
Caton Kristopher

Saturday, the twenty-seventh of May,
two thousand
at six o'clock in the evening
Holiday Inn Atrium


1annie_tadd.JPG (16994 bytes)

To the world you may be one,
but to one you may be the world.

Annelisa Maryjean Beers
Tadd Tyler Buchanan

Married on Saturday, October 7, 2000
Macedonia Baptist Church
Springfield, Missouri


On the blessed day of
14th of May, 2007
Elayna Anne Marie Powell
Randy Habets

were united in Marriage
Billings Montana
by Judge Pedro Hernandez