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Trinitee - 2005!




Trinitee having fun with Nana's gardening gloves ... on her feet!


Happy Birthday Trinitee! 12/20/2003

Lions and Tigers and Bears, what a jungle!
Everyone was there to celebrate Trinitee's Second Birthday!




Trinitee and Sammy 10-2003



  Montana Fair August, 2003 



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THE ARTIST - formerly known as TRINITEE




     06-17-2002 William Baffin Rose     06-22-2002
Six Months Old!!




 Five Months Old and Mother's Day May 2002

Five Months Old - Trinitee :) Five Months Old - Trinitee :) Five Months Old - Trinitee :) Five Months Old - Trinitee :)


Three Months Old and Easter Fun!




February 21, 2002 - two months and 11 pounds, just right!

February 2002 with GreatGrandma Rosie and Ted




Email from 12/20/2001

The proud new Grandparents, Kurt and Mary Stickney, announce the arrival of our eleventh grandchild:

Caton and Mandy Powell have a new baby today!  Baby Girl Powell was born at 2:18 pm today, December 20th.  She weighed in at 6 # 14 ounces and 19 inches long.

Take a look - we think she is gorgeous!  Name: Trinitee







Kurt and Mary Stickney



Deaconess Billings Clinic
Online Nursery

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Trinitee Jean
Birth date: December 20, 2001
Birth time: 02:18 pm
Weight: 6 lbs. 14 ozs.
Length: 19 inches
Parents: Amanda & Caton






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